With changing seasons, pests like rodents also look for a change in environment for protection and safety. Winter is the time when mice and rats look for a warmer and dryer place in your house or workplace for comfort. On the contrary, summers in Central Coast are for breeding and this is when rodents are found in abundant numbers.

Be careful and watch out any minute cracks and crevices in your property.
No matter how small you find a crack or hole, if you can put a pencil or thumb into it easily, a mouse can easily get in through it. They have the ability to elongate their bodies fit in these compact pathways. Keeping these initial signs in mind, it is suggested to call for pest control services in Central Coast at regular intervals.

In Australia, you will find three common types of rodents – Black rat, Brown rat and house mouse. The black rat is commonly found in the coastal areas of town and in urban environments of Australia. These species are very agile and considered to be great climbers. The brown rat make homes in dirt burrows close to food supply areas in and around a property, residential or commercial. The third is the most common of all – house mouse. It prefers staying indoors in storage areas and at times are seen roaming around the lawns and fields.

Signs and symptoms of rodents

If you are suspecting the presence of rodents in your property, watch out for these possible signs:

Droppings – Look for any trails of dropping in your home or office kitchen areas and cupboards.

Smell – They tend to leave urine around that causes an unpleasant and distinct smell.

Rub marks – On rubbing their bodies against hard surfaces, rats and mice tend to leave marks.

Teeth marks – They can gnaw through hard object to reach food sources.

Tips for prevention

Known to carry bacteria and diseases, it is essential to prevent rodent infestation in your property. They tend to contaminate areas of your home or office leading you to the threat of harmful diseases. Involving in goof hygiene, housekeeping and proofing can possibly keep them away.

Here are some proven prevention tips:

  • Vegetation control: Use herbicides or indulge in manual reduction
  • Exclusion: Close entry points to restrict them getting into your property
  • Garbage removal: Maintain regular clean-ups inside and around the property.

Did you find any of the mentioned signs in your property?

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