Screen printing is really cool and fun, which is why it makes for a lucrative option for people who want to own and operate their own business. From small stores such as a one-man operation to multi-equipment stores, can easily be set-up. Businessmen who are tight on the budget can start with a single equipment in small enough space such as a garage or a basement. Because of the fact that it can be started with the low budget, many jumps into the screen printing business with little experience. However, if you too want to start your own screen printing business, here we are going to show you how you can have your own home-based screen printing shop up and running in little time.

Finding the Perfect Space

If you want to operate your screen printing business in your home, you will need at least a 20-foot by 20-foot space to comfortably set-up a small screen printing shop. Finding the right space is not that hard if you try. You could rent a space or create one in your garage. Moreover, it should have enough electrical hookups, water to wash-out screens, storage space to keep small equipment, products, supplies, and ink, plus, you would need an adequate ventilation. You have to make sure its dry and clean because moisture and dust can interfere with the printing and curing process.

Know Your Equipment

You can choose from a myriad of tools and equipment for your screen printing business. Just for printers, there are various types of manual to automation and single print to multiple print setup. To determine what’s best for your, you will have research all the equipment options by yourself, plus, you have to see if it fits in your space.

You will need…

  • A printing press
  • A t-shirt design software
  • Screens with a variety of mesh counts
  • Various types of ink
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Dryers and flash units for curing
  • Exposure unit to create screens
  • Drying racks
  • Washout booth
  • Printer to create printing film positives

Learn your Craft

Before you start taking orders you need to make sure that you can create high-quality prints without flaws and that which can withstand several cycles of washing. For that, you have to get familiar with your equipment and work-station. Your first print shouldn’t be that of a client, but your own. However, you can check out a number of tutorials online to learn the techniques to create your own prints, it’s not that difficult to learn. While you get better, you have to try out various other equipment and techniques as well. Such as, you can try working on various substrates as well as various types and inks. Plus, you should try inks from various manufacturers and find out which out best fits your needs.

Know Your Niche Market

After you are well-versed with your equipment and adept in the screen printing process, it’s time to know your customers or your niche market. Many businesses make the mistake of trying to appeal to all customers and basically anyone who will pay for their prints. However, it may not run in the long term. How to create a sustainable business, you need to develop a business that meets the needs and demands of your niche market, for that you need to figure out your niche.

Devise a Marketing Plan

The biggest part of starting your business includes creating a strategic marketing plan. You have to create a marketing plan that’s consistent with your niche market and reaches your target audience. You have to create yourself a logo, a webpage and other marketing materials which will create the desired brand image to your target customers. You will have to employ both online and traditional marketing channels to build your customer base. Your marketing arsenal should involve social media marketing, partnering with local businesses, printing sample giveaways. This way, you will not only attract new customers but also help you retain old ones.

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